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Poetry Reading Series

This project is created to make classical poems more accessible to people of all ages. Everyone in this project has donated their time and talent, to breathe new life into the great classics.


"A Noiseless Patient Spider" - Walt Whitman

"Dover Beach" - Matthew Arnold

"A Birthday" - Christina Rossetti

"O Captain! My Captain!" - Walt Whitman

"Love And Life" - John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester

"Rosalynde" - Thomas Lodge

"Spring" - Thomas Nashe

"The Mountains Grow Unnoticed" - Emily Dickinson

"The Passionate Shepherd To His Love" - Christopher Marlowe

"Bonny Barbara Allan" - Author Unknown

"Break, Break, Break" - Alfred Tennyson

"The Daffodils" - William Wordsworth

"Songs Of The Greenwood" - William Shakespeare

"Orpheus With His Lute" - John Fletcher

"Meeting At Night" - Robert Browning

"This Life" - William Drummond

"A Prioress" - Geoffrey Chaucer

"Song" - John Donne

"Uphill" - Christina Rossetti

"Brave New World" - William Shakespeare

"Autumn" - Thomas Nashe

"Vow To Love Faithfully" - Henry Howard

"The Cow" - Robert Louis Stevenson

"The Three Ravens" - author unknown

"Country Song" - Nicholas Breton

"Humpty Dumpty's Song" - Lewis Carroll